The legacy of Networks Theatre, by Nick Moore

Are they doing that show again? It’s something I hear people say from time to time. By “again” do you mean just the 3rd time in our 24-year history? This week’s show The Scarecrow Girl was first presented in 2008, 15 years ago, then revived in 2016 and even this time it’s 7 years since we did it.

In my time as writer for Networks Theatre I’ve written around 55 original scripts. These have ranged from original plays, adaptations of novels, musicals, poetry nights, children’s shows and theatre in education productions. I’ve always relied on an ever-changing pool of talent. Part of my job is to see younger talent on our children’s theatre courses and then guide them into the older group for future casting of shows I’m planning. I will often encourage very talented kids to stay around and see what the older group will bring.

The June and Christmas children’s courses are strictly for students who are learning English at Networks English Studies Academy in Orihuela. Students from 10 to 14 are invited to participate in 2 courses a year of 3 weeks duration. The young actors come every day for 3 weeks and at the end of this time they perform a 45-minute show multiple times. The parents are always amazed that so much can be achieved in such a short time but the shows are always embraced 100% by the young performers and they relish the task!

At aged 14 actors are invited to join our older group. Usually made up with students from 14 to 18 and peppered with a few adults here and there to add variety to the casting. The Scarecrow Girl is a show that mixes the two ages that we work with. I love casting the young brothers in the show because I can work with talented youngsters who I know will be with us for many years to come.

The two Davids (Murcia and Hernández) who are playing Loella’s younger brothers are both around 11 years old. Potentially in the next 6 years they could appear in upwards of 20 shows. Imagine the English they’ll absorb!

Bottom right in the picture is Paula Sánchez who does such a tremendous job in this week’s show in the role of Loella, our Scarecrow Girl. It’s a powerhouse performance and a mammoth learning task that she has embraced with such care and energy. She is a perfect product of our theatre programme, starting as she did in 2015 in our children’s theatre course “Around the World in 80 Days.” 8 years later she’s studying Proficiency English in the academy and playing the lead in the theatre.

That’s the magic of theatre at Networks Theatre. So time marches on and guess what theatre course is back next month after 8 years? Around the World in 80 Days…. Let’s see what talent we’ve got this time!

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