About Us

Founded in 1999, Networks Theatre has always been a place of both education and entertainment. The theatre programme at Networks English Studies academy began by educator Lee Alexander and theatre professional Nick Moore has been home to well over 110 shows in its unique history.

Over the years we’ve presented pantomimes and musicals, plays, concerts and poetry to drama.  Our younger actors start at 8 years old in our December and June theatre courses and then progress to the main theatre group for shows in November, March and May.  Our students are the heart of Networks Theatre. Through a unique combination of their high level of English achieved at the academy plus their own natural youthful talent we’re able to present some wonderful shows each and every year.

Networks Theatre! It’s not just a youth theatre; it’s not just a language school.  Thanks to our talented team, dedicated to the artistic designs, costumes, choreography, light and sound settings that enhance the stage experience, Networks Theatre has become a home for superb theatre with a reputation for excellence across the region.

Search the website to find out more about our shows that will both move you and entertain you. Check out our WHAT’S ON page and book a show! Have a look at our ARCHIVE section and see some of the shows we’ve done or read the NEWS section to find out more about us.

Welcome to the home of theatre in English in Orihuea, Networks Theatre.

Nick Moore – Director


Located in the heart of Orihuela is our black box studio theatre.  Created exclusively for use by Networks Theatre, the venue has been host to over 100 shows in our 25 year history.

Opening in 2012 we’ve produced dramas and pantomimes, concerts to musicals, this space is the perfect location for our work.  From the lights to the sound, from the stage to our wonderful designs and costumes, Networks Theatre has made its mark on the local community giving countless opportunities to hundreds of young performers, to act, dance and sing in English.

We’ve created memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Team

Nick Moore

Artistic Director

Nick Moore is the Artistic Director and principal writer for Networks Theatre. With Lee Alexander he founded the theatre back in 1999 with the aim of using theatre as a method to learn English. Since then they have grown from strength to strength, still preserving the original aim of education but expanding to become one of the region’s most successful theatre companies. Nick has overseen a staggering 75 shows either as director, writer or actor and all of these with a wide range of styles and subjects.These shows across the last 15 years have illustrated the scope of Nick’s writing skills. Favourite shows have included all the pantomimes, the drama When I Was Me and the pop musical Odysseus. Each Christmas and Summer he writes and directs a theatre course where up to 100 students perform in two or three identical shows. Some of Nick’s writing can be purchased at Pantomime & Show Scripts On-Line

Dennis Carpenter


Dennis Carpenter studied at The University of the West of England, getting a Bachelor of Art Honours Degree in Fashion and Textile Design. He also worked in the Cotswolds and in London as a picture framer and furniture maker, specialising in gilding and painted finishes.

He has been at Networks since 2001, where he has been teaching and working creatively in the theatre. Dennis designs and makes the costumes for each actor in every show, he also designs and painstakingly creates the sets and props that are required. So far he has been involved in every show, if not performing in the annual pantomime, then working backstage to make sure everything is ready and running smoothly for each show.

Up to now his favourite character has to be playing one of the ugly sisters in Cinderella or the baddie such as king rat, the villain is always the most fun part in a show. As for his favourite show, well there have been lots, but Titanic, the pantomimes, The Two Princesses in Waiting and Robin Hood, to name a few.

Lee Alexander


Lee Alexander has been working in Spain as an English teacher for more than forty years. He has always been fascinated by the process of foreign-language acquisition, especially in children.

In 1977 he set up a small English centre with his wife Cristina Guirao in Orihuela, Alicante using the most up-to-date methodology available at that time, and established a reputation for offering practical, interactive, communicative classes in English only. Convinced of the possibilities of language learning through drama activities, he built a small studio theatre on the premises with his colleague Ken O’Carroll and began experimenting with video-taped productions of sketches and one-act plays. In 1999 he met Nick Moore, a professional actor on tour, and together they founded Networks Theatre based on one firm belief: that it was possible, using only students and teachers from the academy, to produce high-quality musical plays in English.
That belief required massive teamwork and talent from students and staff, but it soon became a reality.
Over the past 15 years Networks Theatre has produced more than 75 spectacular shows, with hundreds of students participating. In 2012 Networks Theatre inaugurated its new venue, a custom-made, black-box theatre to showcase new productions. Lee enjoys the annual Christmas pantomime, and always looks forward to rehearsals for the children’s shows which he will watch over and over again.

Inés Ruiz

Choreographer & Production Manager

Inés was born in Orihuela and she started his journey in Networks Theatre back in 2004.

Networks English Studies

Networks English Studies is a prestigious language academy in Orihuela with an absolutely unique theatre programme, Networks Theatre.

What are the reasons for including theatre in our methodology?

  • Drama activities integrate all language skills in a natural way. By putting language in context, we enable natural language acquisition mechanism in our students and root it in their long-term memory.
  • It gives students a chance to use the language in real situations so they become satisfied that they are able to communicate in different roles and situations. This builds self-esteem.
  • With multi-sensory learning: children learn faster and are able to recall this when they are engaged in activities which involve language, body movement and music.
  • Using drama instantly engages the students and is a favorite activity from an early age. It is the way of acquiring the world.
  • Success when working as part of a theatre cast requires teamwork and cooperation. Theatre brings this all together.
  • Drama is learner-centered. We are facilitators. The student actor is the star on our stage.