Summer Camp

Full of hopes and dreams kids flock each summer to the Broadway Dream Summer Camp. It’s a place to learn, a space to grow and a brilliant chance to discover musical theatre. The young actors dedicate their summer with enthusiasm and energy each hoping in their own way to grow as a performer and to gain new experiences.
But this summer will be different for the first time returning students will tell it like it is. Being an actor is a hard profession with knocks and set-backs….should they let the young kids dream of Broadway? Or should they share with them the realities of what is a really hard profession, to be a performer on the Broadway stage?

SUMMER CAMP has been created by Nick Moore and is a roller coaster ride through fantastic musical theatre songs and brilliantly performed by a young vibrant cast of 25 actors. With stage design and costumes by Dennis Carpenter and choreography by Ines Ruiz. Tickets are on sale NOW!