Networks Theatre season 23 – 24 kicks off

Welcome back to our new season of theatre!

Next year we’ll celebrate 25 years of creating theatre in English in Orihuela. Since 1999, thousands of theatre-goers have seen our shows, be they parents of the participating actors or English speakers looking for a good night’s entertainment, and everyone knows that Networks is THE place for theatre in English in Orihuela

We begin this very special year with our traditional pantomime. This will be the 20th pantomime we’ve produced and it’s the turn of Beauty and the Beast. Since gaining popularity as a panto title after the Disney movie was released, Beauty and the Beast is such a fun show written and directed by Nick Moore and it’s guaranteed fun for all the family.

Our heroine Belle is chased around town by the rather over-insistent Gaston and she’s not having any of it! Belle’s father Maurice, the hapless inventor, by accident ends up in the Beast’s castle and picks a rose to give to Belle. This magic rose is not his to take as it shows if the Beast will ever return to being the prince. As every petal falls the prince is less likely to ever change back.

Only someone falling in love with him will ever break the spell! Add into this mix so many other funny characters including the hilarious Dame Patty Potty!

With traditional routines, funny jokes and brilliant songs, the show is now on sale, but be quick, book now before the last petal falls!


Friday 1 December 18:00 and 21:00

Saturday 2 December 16:30 and 19:00

Ticket Prices: 4€ students, 7.50€ adults

Website for bookings: