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Join us at Networks Theatre for our annual pantomime! This year we’re off to Beauty and the Beast. The show, written and directed by Nick Moore, is guaranteed to be a night to remember!
Belle, loves her books and wants nothing more than a quiet life with her father, the mad inventor Maurice. But there’s trouble afoot as Gaston accompanied by his half-wit side-kick French Frank are following her around town because, whether Belle likes it or not, Gaston plans to marry her!

Maurice decides to set off to the Alicante Expo to sell the design of his latest invention but a terrible storm means he ends up in a castle. But this is not just any castle, it’s a Beast’s Castle! Years earlier, Prince Antoine had rejected an Enchantress’ cry for help and was turned into a hideous beast. She gave him a rose, and once the last petal has fallen, it will mean that he can never change back and he’s a beast forever.

With only the rose for company, the Beast hides away in his castle. When Maurice arrives he picks that rose as a gift for his daughter. The Beast becomes angry and imprisons Maurice who only gets released in exchange for Belle taking his place.

Add into this mix, the hilarious Dame Patty Potty and a supporting company of 22 energetic supporting cast then chaos and comedy ensue!
Locked in the castle with a beast, will Bella and the Prince fall in love before the last petal falls? Will it be “Oh no they won’t” or “Oh yes they will?”
Book now for the best panto in town! Tickets will sell fast, so be quick.