Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, is probably the best known pirate story in the world. It’s common to think of it as the definitive pirate tale: “Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest”, maps, exotic places, parrots, hidden treasures and all the well-known swash-buckling stereotypes about pirates.

This month Networks Theatre, at the hand of Nick Moore, who once again adapts and directs, brings to the stage a musical comedy full of surprises and abundant talent: It’s time for Treasure Island!

Since its first production in 2012 many things have happened at Networks. This show was the last to be performed in our smaller, original theatre and now, in our new venue we’re ready to bring it back, bigger and better than ever!

And what a great story Treasure Island is! The young Jim Hawkins, son of the innkeeper of a small town on the coast of England, meets an old drunk bad-tempered sailor, who leaves a treasure map: a coveted stash of gold and silver buried by the legendary pirate Flint on a distant tropical island. With the help of Squire Trelawney and Dr Livesey both men obsessed with riches, Jim manages to board a ship to go to the island, but, there’s a spanner in the works! Mixed among the crew is a band of pirates captained no less by the mischievous Long John Silver who also eye the prize! The adventure begins!


What’s great about this version is that it doesn’t just include the classic story. The show is packed with classic songs of the 1960s. These great hits all hail from the so-called “British Revolution” when British music was introduced to the world! And what group is the most famous? One group stands out and that’s the Beatles. This legendary band formed by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star shone from their first release until their break up in 1970. Their sound, clothing, style and statements had an immense influence on society, revolutionising the culture of the 1960s.

In a previous post we mentioned that Networks Theatre brings together many musical styles, especially those of British origin. And for now it’s at Networks Theatre where the music of the 1960s and the story of Robert Louis Stevenson so wonderfully collide!


If someone thought that this combination may be unusual think again! With Nick Moore’s incredible imagination, the result is a colourful work, full of adventure and stunning songs with amazing choreography created by Inés Ruiz plus the amazing costumes and design of Dennis Carpenter. It’s all about to hit the stage!

Treasure Island, adapted by Nick Moore in a real “Carry On” style, is on at Networks for just one week only! You can catch this show in April and you can check the dates and book your tickets on the website. “Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rum!” It’s time to walk the plank!