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Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, is probably the best known pirate story in the world. It’s common to think of it as the definitive pirate tale: “Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest”, maps, exotic places, parrots, hidden treasures and all the well-known swash-buckling stereotypes about pirates.

This month Networks Theatre, at the hand of Nick Moore, who once again adapts and directs, brings to the stage a musical comedy full of surprises and abundant talent: It’s time for Treasure Island!


This year’s March musical is going to be a classic piece of Networks Theatre: Robin Hood and the Abba Silver Disc written by Nick Moore. You’ve probably heard of this story before. One hero and a journey through a series of unfortunate events, until he reaches his final goal: an Abba Silver Disc. Yes, you read it right, an Abba Silver Disc. But why Abba? Well, any person in the entire world can hum at least one of their songs, from Mamma Mia to S.O.S.

RHood This show is so popular that it’s been presented three times! The first outing was written and performed in 2006 starring David Verdejo as Robin Hood, Diana Benito as Maid Marion and Pedro Murcia as Prince John. It was followed the next year with a sequel! So in 2011 with Fernando Verdejo as Robin Hood, Carmen García as Maid Marion and Yeray García as Prince John both shows were performed together as a double bill! That show was originally meant to be performed in our new theatre but the building wasn’t ready! So now finally after four years of waiting, it’s the time to finally fulfil the dream!