Networks Theatre is back after the holidays with a very special show: Stand Up For Talent. A talent show presented both in Spanish and in English and hosted by our ex-actor and friend Yeray García. The show will be on stage on Saturday 30th at 9pm. You can reserve your tickets online via this website.
For years we’ve been finding and using the wonderful source of talent we have amongst our students to present great entertainment! Show after show they have shown what they’ve got! But now the talent will be hunted in another way; the best singers, performers, musicians, comedians and much more are going to gather together at our San Agustín Theatre with a vast variety of performances. There’s even a magician in it!


Stand Up For Talent poster

It will be a night full of stand-up comedy, sketches, songs and loads of fun. If you can’t wait because you are too excited, don’t worry! There is a promo available on Youtube and on Monday 19th of January we will publish the first of a two episode teaser.
Networks Theatre is all about talent, so if you want to experience its magic, book your tickets on the website and enjoy a magnificent night of laughter and entertainment. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 30th at 9pm. The final price of the ticket will be 3.5€.