Our first show of the year! Totem. Not everything is as it would seem! Michael is a playwright who pretends to have the magical ability of turning all his fictional work into reality. His older brother, Harry, asks him for help after their parents old theatre company becomes bankrupt and wants him to write a play to avoid eviction and save the company. Emma and Dean, the youngster of the family, are not entirely sure if Mike has indeed gone crazy, and telling the truth, or just lying and playing with them.

Michael agrees to go back to his roots but knowing he’s got to bury traumatic memories that made him leave home all those years before. To give him strength he carries with him a little piece of wood, a totem, that his mother gave him when she died. A totem that will change his life… for the better?

Directed and written by Pedro Murcia. Performed by Jorge Ruiz, Matías Nilsson, Jose A. Zaragoza and Inés Ruiz.