Networks Theatre presents ´Choir´ in March 2013, a moving drama musical by Nick Moore.

´´It’s the concert of their lives.” Each Monday the Choir meets. They sing to celebrate, they sing to forget, they sing to love, they sing to remember. Meet Julie, a girl with everything to live for. At age 18 she starts to lose her eyesight but she doesn’t let this stop her from doing anything.  She meets and falls in love with Mark, everything is going well until he goes away to university. Meet Greg and Geoff twin brothers fighting over religion and how to say a final farewell to their father. Who is right? Who will get their way in the end? Meet Mick, living with O.C.D., he’s happy and sees nothing wrong, it’s everyone else that has the problem. So what if his pens have to be just right in the pen pot. Meet Stephen. He makes a decision that will change the lives of countless families forever.

Nick Moore was inspired to write this play after imaging that “behind every face there’s a story.” Each character in CHOIR has a story to tell, but what binds them together is their passion for singing and how being in the choir gives them a voice and a chance to escape the reality of their lives.  Choir is one of the most emotionally powerful shows Networks has ever presented.