Behind The Wall

Behind the wall is a gritty, hard hitting courtroom drama about society and two women’s fight to be heard when no one is listening.

The story takes place in a small, provincial, close-knit community and follows the lives of three young friends – Sara, an activist fighting for a just world; Carmen, her flirtatious best friend, sworn sister and unwitting feminist and their somewhat naive and overly romantic friend Thomas who they could not live without. When Daniel Hobart, a ruthless and tyrannical policeman, arrives in town everything starts to crumble.  Innocent people get arrested and Carmen finds herself in the darkest and most formidable of places. Tragic events lead to Sara and Carmen ending up on trial for their lives and friendships tested to their limits but will the people they have known their whole lives stand up and fight for them? Or will they be left alone?

This realistic and powerful play questions morality, justice and society while showing that friendship and love is unbreakable and though it is not always where you expect it to be. True friendship can sometimes be found in the most unlikely of places.