At Networks we’ve been using theatre as a teaching tool for several years. It wasn’t long ago when we decided to share this method with schools around the Alicante and Murcia area; in order to show how English can be taught through theatre. To help we created Adventures in English. To give you some more details, in 2013 our artistic director Nick Moore wrote our first project knowing that our black box theatre would be perfect for students to enjoy both a good performance and a high quality educational show. Many tings distinguish T.I.E. (Theatre in Education) from other theatre plays.

Firstly, all the actors involved in the play are experienced actors AND teachers. This is the case of the author Nick Moore (who has 25 years experience in theatre and education) and our teachers Hannah Pailthorpe and now Jo Papangelou in the present day. The second thing is the number of classroom based activities that the students do before and after watching the show.

Jo Papangelou in the show

This means that the students arrive knowing many things about the show and so audience participation is at the core of the show. This is possible because our black box permits a much closer interaction with the students and teachers (you can see pictures of our theatre in the Black Box section).

Since its inception then over 1200 students from various schools have enjoyed the T.I.E. experience at Networks:

“La experiencia resultó muy motivadora para los alumnos. Al final de la representación, los alumnos no querían irse, estaban encantados. Ha sido gratificante, por fin, encontrar un teatro en inglés de verdad. El año que viene repetiremos sin ninguna duda, pero ampliaremos con más niveles.”

Ana María Fuentes, Profesora de inglés del CP Luis Costa (Murcia), 3º, 4º, 5º y 6º de Primaria.

Nick Moore and Hannah Pailthorpe in TIE 2015

Nick Moore and Hannah Pailthorpe in TIE 2015

This year the show was Pirates and was directed and performed by Nick Moore ably accompanied by Jo Papangelou. As in previous editions a great number of students enjoyed the show! If you would like to know more about future projects either as a teacher to bring a group or as a parent don’t hesitate to contact us by email at theatreinorihuela@yahoo.com

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