Theatre is back and we couldn’t be happier. For our return to the stage we have launched a talk show Networks Theatre Conversations With. Every week our artistic director Nick Moore will interview some of the actors and actresses from Networks’ history. The first four episodes are out and we’re happy that lots of people have taken the time to chat with us about their time in our theatre. 

In our first episode we spoke with Inés Ruiz our choreographer and project assistant. She started doing theatre in 2004 and since then has been an active part of Networks Theatre. From the children’s courses to the adult company until landing her position as part of the production team.

The second episode brings none other than Yeray Garcia. Now working as an audiovisual translator and comedian Yeray has also been with us since he was a kid and like he mentions in his interview “we can’t get rid of him”. Yeray has lots of fun stories to share with us that involved different generations.
Following Yeray we talked with Marta Vegara. She started doing theatre in 2000 and she last appeared in a show in 2014. A great episode in which we will talk about the origins of the Networks family.
Last but not least we have Diego Ruiz. Being the youngest of three brothers he has memories of Networks that go back to 2004, even though he didn’t participate in a show until 2008. 

Episodes will be uploaded weekly. If you don’t want to miss any of these stories visit our Youtube channel and subscribe!

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