The first part of this year’s Networks Theatre season 2017/18 has left us all on a high! Click below to read more!

The season began in November with the booming pantomime Puss in Boots, which exceeded our expectations thanks to all the participants. Our 17th pantomime “Puss in Boots” told the story of Puss, the cat who helps Colin save the day by keeping the evil ogress from completing her plan of world domination! For seventeen years pantomime has been bringing laughs and entertainment in English to Orihuela by the hand of director/writer Nick Moore and accompanied by the wonderful costumes and stage designs of Dennis Carpenter. We’re alos so lucky to have the dedicated work of our talented choreographer Ines Ruiz. Then there’s the cast of 27 actors and actresses who put the icing on our fabulous cake. Pantomime which was brought to Orihuela by Nick is a real highlight for us each year at Networks Theatre!

One audience member said about Puss in Boots that it was “the funniest pantomime he’d ever seen and he was still laughing at one joke as another came along! I couldn’t stop laughing!”

Then in December it was the turn of the wonderful younger actors, the participants of our Christmas Children’s Theatre Course, who achieved a resounding success with the play The Wiz That Was.  The show was inspired by the family favourite The Wizard of Oz, and the show was loved by all the families who came to see and support the students. It’s great to be able to see three groups of 35 children in each group rehearsing the same show for 10 days. It’s wonderful to witness, with the text, the songs and the choreographies, and in the end putting it on stage. Well done to everyone! A real achievement!

We’re never ones to sit on our laurels so we’re now gearing up for the rest of the season! A special year in which we will celebrate the 100 shows we have produced. That’s 100 shows since 1999. We’ll soon annouce an open day for our families and friends. It will be a special occasion to gather together and raise up our glass for Networks Theatre!

Coming soon in March will be show 98, Summer Camp. A musical with a young and vibrant cast who perform songs from over 15 musicals in a touching story of love and loyalty. Then show 99 at the beginning of June will be none other than Welcome to Sweetville. This show is well known by many people who been to the academy (Networks English Studies) as it’s not only been a theatre course but a class version has been performed many times over the years. Nick Moore is currently rewriting his text, adapting it and updating it from its first ever appearance in 2002!  Finally in June we’ll come to Show 100 which will be a theatre course show for students and families to see, a kids’ version of Romeo and Juliet. What a year! What a place to be!