As you know, our next play Last Hope is approaching. That’s why we want to talk with the two directors and writers, Inés and Daniel, about the play and what is their story about. Last Hope will be performed the 27th and the 28th of February. You can book your tickets now via our website! Don’t miss the chance to see this marvelous play produced by Networks Theatre.

Daniel Nieves

Daniel Nieves

Last Hope Reharsals Feb 2015 Networks theatre (20)

Inés Ruiz directing

Why Last Hope? Tell where the name comes from.

It’s a funny story. When we had the plot in our heads we started to look for a name. Finding a title that summarizes the story is difficult and “Last Hope” came straight into our minds. Without hesitating we looked for it on the internet and one of the first links was a song called exactly that by the band Paramore. We listened to the song and the lyrics were perfect for the story. So we decided to call it that and include the song in the play.

What do you think the main idea of the play is?

Jose A. Zaragoza plays Nate

One of the characters in the play says at one point “you can’t spend your whole life being afraid of the future because of the past”. This is one of my favourite quotes in the play and it summarizes the main idea of it. Life constantly puts obstacles in our way, which destroy our self-esteem. The idea we want to convey with “Last Hope” is that we should always keep moving forward and fight for what we want, bearing in mind that everything is possible.

Tell us a bit about the characters. In your opinion, which one do you find more significant?

Some of the cast members during a rehearsal

The story deals with the life of 7 characters. Nate, the main one, is a sixteen-year-old boy who has leukaemia. He lives with his mother, a caring woman who has to work to support her family, and with his sister Amy, an eighteen-year-old girl who wants to be a writer. Nate’s group of friends is made up with Sam, his best friend since they were little, who was a great swimmer until he had a car accident and ended up in a wheelchair, and Paul and Emma, a peculiar couple who are always arguing. Then we have Susan, a volunteer at the hospital, who will really get on well with Nate.
In my opinion, each and every character is important because together they build the story. Each of them will make you feel empathy and maybe remind you of a situation that you have lived. However, Nate, Sam and Susan are the ones that best reflect the play’s message “overcome difficulties and keep moving forward”.

How has it been creating a theatre play from scratch?

The rest of the cast in a rehearsal

It’s been an incredible but hard experience. When you think about it from the outside you can’t imagine how difficult it is to write a play. You need to bear a lot of things in mind. Not only do you need to create a story but also write it in an understandable way to show people how you pictured the story in your mind. Then you also have to think about the stage, the props and everything else that will make a story real. It’s been a year of hard work, of constant changes in the script and long hours of thinking, but finally something that started as an idea between two friends is now being rehearsed. It’s a dream coming true.