Summer Camp has started its rehearsals. With a cast of more than 20 actors, this new musical written and directed by Nick Moore is coming on stage at the end of March. The dates can be checked out on our website or by clicking on the banner above. Summer Camp is the story of young actors that dedicate their summer with enthusiasm and energy each hoping in their own way to grow as a performer and to gain new experiences.


But this summer will be different. A secret is revealed that sends shock waves through the camp, but not how you’d imagine. The summer camp students will tell it like it is. Packed with amazing songs from well-known musicals and with outstanding choreographies of Inés Ruiz plus the amazing stage design and costumes by Dennis Carpenter.

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Starting this month Networks Theatre presents our latest edition of the Theatre in Education trilogy: Adventures in the Park. This show, written by our resident writer/director Nick Moore, skilfully brings the methodology of Networks English Studies to a wider audience as Networks students and other invited schools spend a day in the park. The show is specifically designed for classes of 3, 4 and 5 of Primary, the play presents through songs, poems and resources previously worked on in class, the importance of caring about the environment and recycling.


Did you know that this year we celebrate producing our 100 shows. To commemorate this great milestone, Networks Theatre will host an open house on Saturday 19th of May. With an exhibition of costumes, props, posters and photos come and join us in the theatre to reminisce a bit!

Other exciting news is that we’re producing a commemorative souvenir book that will be packed with photos and memories about the 100 shows that have been performed so far in the theatre. Giving it a personal touch each show will have a text written by someone who participated in each production giving their experience of the show. We hope you’ll agree it will be a very special book to get a copy of!


So we hope you’ll join us in May. Since 1999, we have produced between four and ten shows a year. These have included our famous pantomimes, 17 of those alone! We’ve also presented musicals, plays and poetry. We are one of the oldest theatre groups in the region and we want to share a day with our great family that has accompanied us over the years. Look out for further details about that event and the book!


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