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Happy Christmas…. Let’s go to the panto!

You can download the video in the following link. Put the password and click on DESCARGAR.



Aquí podéis descargar los archivos de la obra de este diciembre.


Ya podéis descargar el vídeo de Bamboo Princess con las fotos. Sólo tenéis que seguir las instrucciones:

1. Haced click en el grupo deseado

2. Os dirigirá a una página de WeTransfer. Haced click en la flecha que encontraréis a la derecha.

3. Introducid la contraseña adecuada para cada grupo.

4. Haced click en la flecha para descargar el contenido.


¡FELIZ VERANO A TODO EL MUNDO! Nos vemos en octubre.






DRESS B (1131)


You can now download the video of the show.

  • Click on the link below
  • Introduce the password
  • Click on the arrow on the right to download the video.

Click here to go to WeTransfer.

Podéis descargaros el show de clase a través de este enlace:


Networks Theatre is back! Our next offering is a rare theatrical event in the region, KINDERTRANSPORT – THE CHILDREN’S TRAIN created by Nick Moore. This emotional drama is set in Europe in the 1930s. After the pogrom of November 9th, 1938 several European countries opened their borders for children and young people in what was called “Kindertransport”, the transport of children. As the Nazis increased their grip on Germany and Austria, Jewish families were given the chance to evacuate their children to the UK. Around 10,000 young people and children moved to England, while their parents, in many cases, weren’t able to leave. Many of these children never saw their families ever again. There is where our show begins.


“Children of the Kindertransport” @ Hope Square, Liverpool Street Station, London

With a talented cast of 16 actors the show tells the story of a very dark chapter in human history. This touching drama with songs tells the stories of some of these children. It is superbly acted and will not fail to move you. If you like a powerful night at the theatre, then you can book tickets through our website (click here for booking).  That page shows times and prices. The shows are 30, 31 May and 1 June. For more information, call 96 674 02 51 any afternoon.


Kindertransport will be followed by our final show of the season. On 3rd June the Children’s Theatre Course will begin. This summer it’s the turn of The Bamboo Princess, written and directed by Nick Moore. The story is based on a Japanese folk tale in which a couple of elderly peasants find a baby girl inside a bamboo plant and decide to adopt it as if it were their daughter. But that girl is more than just an abandoned baby unbeknownst to them she’s a Moon Princess who will one day return home. The shows will be at the end of our school year on 20th and 21st of June.

Book your tickets now for for Kindertransport: The Children’s Train on our website.

Ya pueden descargar las fotos y el vídeo del show de la clase de NT5 realizado el martes 16.

¡Feliz Semana Santa!

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