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And last interview of the week! This time its the turn of Marta Gutiérrez, another well known performer!

Have you booked your tickets? Do it now! Come and see this thought provoking play!

Marta Gutiérrez as Leslie

What is When I Was Me? What’s your opinion about it?
When I Was Me is an incredible play because now people must be aware of what is going on in our world. And, yes, it’s a sad play but you learn things that you thought didn’t or wouldn’t concern you or it wouldn’t ever happen to you. But, in fact, it could.



Hello theatre goers! As you already know, we are still rehearsing When I Was Me. Have you booked your tickets yet? Do it now and then sit back and experience these thought provoking stories that Networks Theatre is presenting at the end of May. Without more ado we kick off with an interview from one of our talented performers Tomás Chazarra. Check this out!

Rehearsal Picture When I Was Me at Networks Theatre

Irene Quesada and Tomás Chazarra in When I Was Me rehearsals



Jorge Ruiz as Vince

What’s your name and what part do you play in Psychedelic Cool? What do you think about your character?

My name is Jorge Ruiz and I play the part of Vince, one of the Grease boys. He acts just like any other Grease boy, but he sometimes proves to be more… “effective”.


Irene Quesada - psychedelic Cool 2015 Networks Theatre

Irene Quesada as part of the Hair crew

As Psychedelic Cool approaches, here you can read an interview with Irene Quesada, one member of the cast. You haven’t booked already? Come on and book to see Psychedelic Cool next week! You can’t miss it!

What’s your name and what part do you play in Psychedelic Cool? What do you think about your character?

I’m Irene Quesada and in the show I’m playing the part of a Hair girl, Jeannie. Well my character is one student that wants to participate in the musical Hair.


As you know, our next play Last Hope is approaching. That’s why we want to talk with the two directors and writers, Inés and Daniel, about the play and what is their story about. Last Hope will be performed the 27th and the 28th of February. You can book your tickets now via our website! Don’t miss the chance to see this marvelous play produced by Networks Theatre.

Daniel Nieves

Daniel Nieves

Last Hope Reharsals Feb 2015 Networks theatre (20)

Inés Ruiz directing

Why Last Hope? Tell where the name comes from.

It’s a funny story. When we had the plot in our heads we started to look for a name. Finding a title that summarizes the story is difficult and “Last Hope” came straight into our minds. Without hesitating we looked for it on the internet and one of the first links was a song called exactly that by the band Paramore. We listened to the song and the lyrics were perfect for the story. So we decided to call it that and include the song in the play. more

Today we interview one of Networks Theatre’s most well known faces: David Verdejo. He will talk to us about Killing Hamlet, the current production he is involved with playing the part of Hamlet. We talked to him about the plot of the play and his work building Hamlet’s character. more