February 2015

As you know, our next play Last Hope is approaching. That’s why we want to talk with the two directors and writers, Inés and Daniel, about the play and what is their story about. Last Hope will be performed the 27th and the 28th of February. You can book your tickets now via our website! Don’t miss the chance to see this marvelous play produced by Networks Theatre.

Daniel Nieves

Daniel Nieves

Last Hope Reharsals Feb 2015 Networks theatre (20)

Inés Ruiz directing

Why Last Hope? Tell where the name comes from.

It’s a funny story. When we had the plot in our heads we started to look for a name. Finding a title that summarizes the story is difficult and “Last Hope” came straight into our minds. Without hesitating we looked for it on the internet and one of the first links was a song called exactly that by the band Paramore. We listened to the song and the lyrics were perfect for the story. So we decided to call it that and include the song in the play. more