As you know, during last May we celebrated 100 shows and to commemorate it we published a book that contains everything about Networks Theatre. It has two introductions from Nick and Lee explaining the origins of the theatre, and it has a show page for each and every production from the first in March 1999 through to show number 100 in June 2018. When was your first show?

This book has the distinction of being a collaboration in which more than 50 people who have acted at Networks since 1999 have written part of the book.
We believe that this is a unique piece of memory, a special souvenir, especially if you participated in any of these shows. In this link you can find a post for photos of the May event as well as the video of the presentation of the book: https://www.networkstheatre.com/100shows-othernews/

At Networks Theatre we are very proud of this piece of work. It took us a long time to gather all the information and contact so many people to tell us their experiences in each show. A book, in short, that sets a milestone in our theatre company.

You can buy it at any office of Networks English Studies priced at €12.

Also, why not pop into our Theatre Office in Calle San Agustín, 25 you can sign and leave a message in our memory book.
We can mail the book to you!

If you can’t pop by and want to us to send you the book by ordinary mail all you have to do is pay via PayPal for the book plus postage and we will mail it to you.
The total cost is €18,50 . This includes postage and packing. Send the money to our PayPal address theatreinorihuela@yahoo.com
We wish you all the best wherever you are in the world and thanks for having been part of Networks Theatre.