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“Ready, we’re ready…” Can you carry on? As obvious as it sounds, music is the food of the soul, it’s the protagonist of the most special moments we have in our memories.

In Networks Theatre, it wasn’t going to be anything less, we know so much about this importance. Since 1999, back in the day when using cassette tapes was normal, the theatre group of Networks English Studies has been a constant meeting point for music in all of its formats: from musicals that span the ages, to soundtracks and contemporary music. As we approach our 20th anniversary, the technology used to reproduce the music has changed but the essential element of music is still very much the same.

Many people, perhaps you the reader, have absorbed the songs, their lyrics, their beats and melodies until these became part of your own personal history

Who would have imagined it 20 years ago? Many people, perhaps you the reader, have absorbed the songs, their lyrics, their beats and melodies until these became part of your own personal history. That’s the way the love for music is born, especially the love for music in theatre at the hand of Nick Moore, our founder and artistic director.


Networks Theatre is more alive than ever. Since last November we’ve already staged two shows and a Christmas Concert! Our pantomime Dick Whittington was a big success and our Children’s Theatre Course Peter Pan, which were both written and directed by Nick Moore. But wait! There’s more: this year comes packed with surprises, so keep what’s coming next?



¡Por fin ha llegado! A continuación os dejamos los enlaces para descargar Peter Pan, tanto el vídeo de la actuación como el paquete de fotos. Recordad que la clave podéis encontrarla en la segunda carta que se os mandó con las entradas. Si no la conserváis, por favor contáctenos por email en o llamando al 966740251.







Now it’s the time for the younger students with the show Peter Pan. For three weeks, three groups will rehearse the same show and put it on our black-box stage in Calle San Agustín. The theatre course is a great learning experience in English as well as an entertaining activity in which all students improve their skills through the songs, the text and the choreographies. In the end, it’s not just about having a role, but about being responsible for everything going well and for the experience to be unique. Congratulations to the all the participants!



Hello everybody! As you know last October we celebrated our traditional awards. After the winners you will find the link to download the video from the awards. Congratulations to everybody and see you in Dick Whittington!


Best Actor: Pedro Murcia

Best Actress: Candela Cabrera

Best Supporting Actor: Daniel Simón

Best Supporting Actress: Marta Oltra

Best Comedy Performance: Tie!! – Juanto Ferrández and Miguel Ferrández

Special Recognition Award: Inés Ruiz

And What About?… : The Phone Moment - SUMMER CAMP

Best Dramatic Song: You Will Be Found – SUMMER CAMP

Best Uptempo Song: Hello!  – SUMMER CAMP

Best Choreography: Kings of New York – SUMMER CAMP

Show of the year: Summer Camp

Lifetime Achievement: Lucas Ballesta, Candela Cabrera, Héctor Calero, Juanto Ferrández, Emma Gil, Marta Oltra, Alberto Pérez, Irene Quesada, Laura Ramón.


As you know, during last May we celebrated 100 shows and to commemorate it we published a book that contains everything about Networks Theatre. It has two introductions from Nick and Lee explaining the origins of the theatre, and it has a show page for each and every production from the first in March 1999 through to show number 100 in June 2018. When was your first show?


You missed Welcome to Sweetville? Well, now you can enjoy it again by watching the video of the performance. Here’s the link! Go and hide the sugar!



If you asked people what a pantomime was, many of them would define it as something related to farce. This is partly true, since the origin of the theatrical term derives from the way the actors in this kind of theatre interpret their roles. From the dame, the baddie and all the way up to the usual eponymous hero, from  the bad jokes to the tear-jerking ending, pantomime is a typical theatrical English genre put on stage in the run up to Christmas. Oh yes it is!


Don’t worry. Be flappy! Ugly is back at Networks Theatre after 6 years! This musical for all the family is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling” and is packed with great songs and hilarious comedy. Written and directed by Nick Moore the show has a cast of over 20 people and marvellous design and costumes by Dennis Carpenter. So you’re in for a treat! Come and meet Chick Number 9, also known as Ugly, her caring mother, her useless father Drake and the lovely chicks. But watch out for the cats who’ll eat you quicker than you say “DuckMonalds.” Shows are in June on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd at various times. You can book your tickets now on our website. Be as Quack as you can!


Ugly in 2011



DSC04483This year’s awards were a complete success! It was a great night with stunning surprises. Lifetime winners were: Antonio Ferrández, Paula Sala, Jose A. Zaragoza and Jorge Ruiz. Bring us a blank DVD and we’ll give you a copy of the whole show! Check the website for more pictures and to check out the rest of the winners!

14610861_1213394575348555_1636505444310100986_nCinderella is now in rehearsal and going really well! Last produced in 2012 it’s a Networks classic pantomime, written and directed by Nick Moore.
Booking is open on our website! Shows are 24th, 25th and 26th of November.