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Networks Theatre in Orihuela has been creating stories for 18 years. In almost 100 productions they have brightened the Costa Blanca and Orihuela cultural life with dramas, comedy musicals, pantomimes, Christmas celebrations and plays. This April they’re presenting the welcome return of Titanic: Ship of Dreams, a wonderful musical that inaugurated their new theatre back in 2012. The origins of Networks Theatre go back a further 13 years to 1998. Read on to know more about the origins of our new venue.


At Networks we’ve been using theatre as a teaching tool for several years. It wasn’t long ago when we decided to share this method with schools around the Alicante and Murcia area; in order to show how English can be taught through theatre. To help we created Adventures in English. To give you some more details, in 2013 our artistic director Nick Moore wrote our first project knowing that our black box theatre would be perfect for students to enjoy both a good performance and a high quality educational show. Many tings distinguish T.I.E. (Theatre in Education) from other theatre plays.


This year’s March musical is going to be a classic piece of Networks Theatre: Robin Hood and the Abba Silver Disc written by Nick Moore. You’ve probably heard of this story before. One hero and a journey through a series of unfortunate events, until he reaches his final goal: an Abba Silver Disc. Yes, you read it right, an Abba Silver Disc. But why Abba? Well, any person in the entire world can hum at least one of their songs, from Mamma Mia to S.O.S.

RHood This show is so popular that it’s been presented three times! The first outing was written and performed in 2006 starring David Verdejo as Robin Hood, Diana Benito as Maid Marion and Pedro Murcia as Prince John. It was followed the next year with a sequel! So in 2011 with Fernando Verdejo as Robin Hood, Carmen García as Maid Marion and Yeray García as Prince John both shows were performed together as a double bill! That show was originally meant to be performed in our new theatre but the building wasn’t ready! So now finally after four years of waiting, it’s the time to finally fulfil the dream!


When it comes to the task of creating a movie, either a short or a long film, most of the advice you get is: put a script together, get yourself a structure, start outlining a budget… Though all of this is true, in fact you need two basic things only to set you off on a journey to filmmaking land: a camera and an idea. Keep reading to discover our inspiration for both Stand Up For Talent Trailers.  more

Networks Theatre is back after the holidays with a very special show: Stand Up For Talent. A talent show presented both in Spanish and in English and hosted by our ex-actor and friend Yeray García. The show will be on stage on Saturday 30th at 9pm. You can reserve your tickets online via this website.
For years we’ve been finding and using the wonderful source of talent we have amongst our students to present great entertainment! Show after show they have shown what they’ve got! But now the talent will be hunted in another way; the best singers, performers, musicians, comedians and much more are going to gather together at our San Agustín Theatre with a vast variety of performances. There’s even a magician in it!


Hello Everybody! Here you have the results and the pictures of the last Networks Theatre Awards 2015. Congratulation to the winners and see you next year!

Best Actor: Jose A. Zaragoza as Nate – Last Hope

Best Actress: María Gómez as Amy – Last Hope

Best Supporting Actor: Jorge Ruiz as Sam – Last Hope

Best Supporting Actress: Jo Papangelou as Susan – Last Hope

Best Comedy Performance: Antonio Ferrández as Kurt – Psychedelic Cool

Best Ensamble: The Last Hope Company – Last Hope

Best Coreography: We Go Together by Hannah Pailthorpe – Psychedelic Cool

Best Dramatic Song: Seasons of Love by The Last Hope Company – Last Hope

Best Uptempo Song: Bamboleo by Pilar Ferrández, Pedro Murcia and the Dancers – Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Show Of The Year: Last Hope, written and directed by Inés Ruiz and Daniel Nieves.



Over a hundred people enjoyed our first show “Totem”. It was a fantastic and “bizarre” play performed by a superb and experienced cast. You can visit the website to see some pictures and videos. Once again a great show with a great audience here at Networks Theatre. But we can’t wait for the next one! Pantomime in November: Aladdin. Book your tickets before is too late.


Are you a When I Was Me actor or actress? Do you want to have the DVD of the show? The DVD is on sale and can be ordered through Networks Theatre Office or emailing It has a DVD-rom with photos, music, script, poster and much more. The price is 10 Euros.

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Here comes Aladdin! Rehearsals are going great and soon you will be able to enjoy this great panto packed with brilliant songs, choreography and side-splitting comedy. With a cast of 29 young and talented actors just bubbling with enthusiasm, come along and join the team as they bring you their 14th Annual Pantomime as ever written and directed by our artistic director Nick Moore. With only four public performances early booking is essential. If you want to see more of the rehearsals and how this wonderful piece is put together, visit our Aladdin gallery on the website to see some pictures.

And last interview of the week! This time its the turn of Marta Gutiérrez, another well known performer!

Have you booked your tickets? Do it now! Come and see this thought provoking play!

Marta Gutiérrez as Leslie

What is When I Was Me? What’s your opinion about it?
When I Was Me is an incredible play because now people must be aware of what is going on in our world. And, yes, it’s a sad play but you learn things that you thought didn’t or wouldn’t concern you or it wouldn’t ever happen to you. But, in fact, it could.